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Yellowstone Photos 2011

1st bisonOne of the first Buffalo we saw but certainly not the most memorable one

Avalanche warningAvalanche was still a possibility in the two highest passes inside the park.You can see how tall the snow was at the side of the road in the East entrance pass. The tallest pass had snow at the side much taller than an RV.

Yellowstone lake

yellowstone lake

Yellowstone Lake was more than half frozen. The other half had hot springs areas that keep the water much warmer so the ice melts a lot quicker there.

Grizzly Sand Hill Crane and Canadian Geese

So if you can see here - there is a Grizzly with a Sand Hill Crane to his right and behind him and some Canadian Geese in the foreground. Yes, that is snow. If there wasn't snow on the ground, then most likely the field was flooded. Many of the people working at the park are sure that this year will be way too wet and that many of the areas will be closed due to flooding

bear lake

This young Grizzly gathered a crowd on the way to the shore of the Yellowstone Lake. There is a picnic area near there on an overlook to the lake that must has some good grass. :-)

marmotfor animals of all sizes like this Yellow Bellied Marmot by Yellowstone Lake.


And this Raven that has taken up residence at the Mud Pots. He has the art of begging down to an art.

raven calling

And then if you didn't have something for him - he would tell you in no uncertain terms that he was not happy.

geyser at mut pots

Gotta have a Mud Geyser here - without the smell of course.

blue heron

I love this Blue Heron. Yeah, we have them here - but this guy was actually a very good fisher bird.

bison and birds

Check out the birds that loved to hang around the Buffalo. It almost looks like this Bison is having a heart to heart with one of the birds.

bison babies

And then there were MANY beautiful baby Bison.

bison portrait

This guy looks like he might have a cold? Or allergies...

bison twins

Then there were these twin babies. Another female came and started to give them a bath. One of the babies took it in stride, but as soon as the first lick hit the other one it was up on its feet and two leaps away from the big tongue.


We spotted these bones about 40 feet below the rim of the hillside opposite us near Undine Falls. When we first saw them, the head, at the angle we were at, was hidden behind a tree. We had to walk a ways to actually see behind the tree to see it was a huge elk.

Lee Smith Building

I think the name of the person who made this was Lee Smith who built this building totally out of recycled items in the 80s. And everything was put into place by men, no machinery was used. According to some of the locals it is an eyesore - but a unique tourist attraction. There was a morning where it was really windy - 50-60mph gusts and the wind wailed through this structure making it sound like it was moaning. Very eerie.

two bighorn

Then there were these Bighorn sheep. It was amazing to watch how they could maneuver along the steep mountainside. Amazing.

black bear

Then there were these Bighorn sheep. It was amazing to watch how they could maneuver along the steep mountainside. Amazing.


Then we got to see this lonely Pronghorn. Looking closely, that mark on its side looks to be a scar. Yes, they were molting some of their fur - but in the long lens, this looked too much like a scar.

bison walking the line

Then there was this Bison that walked the line right in front of us. We finally got to a turnout which we used to pass him slowly. Dave wanted to actually see his face so he turned around in another turnout and then pulled off the road well ahead of him waiting for him to approach and walk by. At least we thought that...

Bison back our way

So here he comes now in our direction still walking the line so we can now see his gorgeous face. But...

bison head on

He kept coming straight at our car. He ended up walking right in front of our car heading into the forest brushing the front of the car and the side view mirror on the passenger side where I had the window down and the camera out. If I wanted to I could have pet him on his beautiful head as he brushed by us. I have a movie of his approach and the passing into the forest.


We thought these were deer at first and were bummed we hadn't seen Elk yet. Then we read that the Does hung out together and the Bucks had stag parties of their own.

song bird

Animals of all sizes - remember? So this beautiful little bird sang its wonderful song while I had been taking pictures of a huge herd of Bison in the field. The way the sun the shining on the brush it was sitting in and then the beautiful song - I couldn't resist changing the direction of my lens.

elk bucks
elk bucks
And then we found the Elk Bucks and their bachelor pad..


The Geysers were really pretty but Dave was really itching to go back out in search of more wildlife.


This was very puzzling - these geysers were releasing hot steam, yet you can see that small patch of snow. How odd.

Uinta Squirrel Standing

These Uinta Squirrels were really cute. There was one turnoff near the West Entrance that had many of these guys.

uinta Squirrel portrait

"I am ready for my close-up Mr Deville."

Gibbons Falls

This is Gibbons Falls. I took this one as a Sepia tone to give it that old photo look.

tagged elk

A few of the animals are tagged. I saw this Elk and then there was a Bison.

yellow flowers

There was a pull off that Dave found that had MANY of these beautiful flowers.

pocket gopher tunneling

These tunnel things were called by the park workers as Pocket gophers and are much "Loved" by the bears if you get my meaning. :-(

elk landscape

There were many beautiful scenes like this - grassy fields, evergreen trees, snow capped mountains and wildlife. What a gorgeous combination.

sheepeater cliffs

This is part of the Sheepeater cliffs. The rivers were all running really high. I walked out to the edge in my newly lifted Gortex hiking boots which I have had for a few years and only just got lifted. So I baptized them in the water and mud of the river - but I was very cautious and well aware of my surroundings.

flooding trees

Here is an example of the flooding going on.

handsome bison

This guy is my favorite Bison of the trip. Wouldn't you just love to snuggle up against that furry head? Minus the horns of course. :-)

winding river

Beautiful. I can't think of anything else to say here other than maybe breathtaking.


Ok - Who remembers the story - Bread and Jam for Francis? And what was Francis? A Badger! There were about 10 people on the other side of the small hill waiting for this guy to re-appear. We just happened to come along on the other side and saw him scurrying away. How lucky was that?


Then we had, on our last day, this coyote cross our path. There was a point where he stopped and it really looked like it winked at us and then kept on walking.