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Muttshack at Lake Castle School
September thru December 2005

Muttshack Sign

First transport we saw for dogs and cats

First transport from Muttshack that we saw when we arrived. It was for both Cats and Dogs.

Directions in the cattery

This was the "How-To" board for volunteers set up by Sue Grisby in the Cattery. Great Idea!

Cattery feral row

This is the Feral cat row before it got crowded. No shelter wanted the feral cats. And to be honest - most of them were probably cats that were just scared out of their minds.

cattery filled

This was the cattery more as it was when most of the cages were full of rescues.

Poloroids taken of rescued animals

This is a corner of an intake record page showing a poloroid of the animal taken at intake. Two were taken of each animal. One placed on the cage with the animal and one in the record books. These record books were always available to residents to look through when they came by to try and locate their pets.

Pugsly in September

Pugsly was in a home that had flooded so high he was able to get on top of the refrigerator. As the water receded, he was stuck on top of it. He survived by eating everything up there - including the plaster wall. Later we found the owners and they told us he had been very overweight - which, in this case, probably saved his life.

Volunteers with three puppies

Here are two volunteers holding three puppies rescued with their mother. One of them ended up coming home with me, Penny.

Charger - the mean cat

This is Charger. He bit the vet when he arrived. Notice the stuff on his face and eyes? A camera was used with a magnification option to enable the vet to get a close-up look at what this stuff was without getting hurt. Even though his cage was marked with signs saying he was a mean cat, he was definitely just scared. How do I know? He lived with the photographer and was one of the best cats we ever had. By the way, he was a Turkish Van.

Vet clinic

This is one of the two vet clinics at Muttshack. One was for Cats and one was for Dogs. Where did we take care of the "odd" pets? Well, in the Cat clinic of course. There was less excitement to be had.

Nat'l Guard walking dogs on their time off

When the National Guardsmen were off duty, many of them would volunteer their time to help walk the dogs along the levy.


This is the Doggery located in the gym. They were better off than the cats as they had 4 walls and a roof.

Flying Squirrel cat

Many of the cats had signs on their cages warning the volunteers. This cat's sign was a warning that when the cage door is open - this cat, moving so fast, will dart for the door in the great escape.

Grey Meanie

This is the cat that was nicknamed, the Grey Meanie. He spit and hissed at everyone.

Other animals rescued


This Boa was brought in at the same time a soldier brought in the alligator below. We did house them in two completely different rooms.


As the electricity was being returned to the area, this owl, who had been used to sitting on dead electrical lines, found one that was live and got a big shock. He was ok and later released only to narrowly miss a line as it flew away.

Alligator & Soldier

This is one of the National guardsmen that brought in a baby alligator. A good samaritan had found it in the road and used electrical tape to tape its mouth closed. When he passed these service men, he gave it to them. They brought it to Muttshack. A local sherriff knew where many alligators lived in the wild and also knew if this little one didn't find a place soon to hibernate, it wouldn't last the winter. Our volunteers went with him to release it in the swamps.

Alligator Tape removal

Here is Beth, vet, and the servicemen who were brave enough to remove the electrical tape from the alligator's mouth.


An alligator in a dog kennel. What a sight.

A dog rescued by Karen

Karen set this trap as she had heard there were a couple of dogs loose near a highway. This little one was caught and there was no truck available to go get it. So another volunteer worked with her to get this cage into a minivan.

Penny & Cali

Babies Penny and Cali.


Here is Penny on her new owner's sleeping bag with a chew goodie that she is claiming as all hers.

Mom of Cali

This is Cali's Mom. She and her babies were kept in the cattery as there was an outbreak of Kennel Cough in the Doggery and they didn't want to risk the puppies or her to it. Cali's Mom was so scared that she only let the head of the cattery walk her at first.


This is Zeus. He was a big, gentle guy with a loud bark. One of the National Guardsmen fell in love with him and with Muttshack's help, arranged for his transport home to Washington State.


This is Trickster. He came in near the end of Muttshack's time at the Lake Castle School. He was a Maine Coon and lived happily in Washington State.



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