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Dogs to California

White Shepherd Rescue

White Shepherd Rescue

White Shepherd Rescue

Our two Shepherds will be taken care of for sure.

White Shepherd Rescue

This group's volunteers not only met us to get these two Shepherds but to also help us walk all the dogs we had left. That was so wonderful of them considering they had to meet us at midnight because we were delayed on our trip.

White Shepherd Rescue

White Shepherd Rescue

California Stop

At the first California stop, each dog is being evaluated to see if they can be placed. All were accepted, except for this little girl - Goldie.

California Stop

Our shelter's volunteers had written up stories about each of the dogs so the new shelter would understand about the dog's past.

California Trip

Here are the two cargo vans we used to transport the dogs to California.

California Trip

This facility could not take all the dogs. But their sister facility in San Francisco could so the ones going there are being loaded back into the vans for the last leg of their journey.

California Trip San Francisco

Once at the San Francisco facility, one of the dogs was afraid to come out. This worker was very soothing and patient and helped to get this scared guy out.

California Trip San Fransisco

This dog had never seen stairs and did not know how to go up them. This worker went up the stairs backwards to help teach the dog how to go up there.

Trap, Neuter and Release Night


Minivan loaded with friendly traps and supplies to lure them and sheets to cover those who are scared.


Meeting to plan the route on where to find the stray cats.


Amanda, one of the founders of Muttshack, gets out with her volunteers on the all nighter TNR.


Sandra checks on the cat in this trap to make sure it is ok.



One of the structures stray cats find homey.



Cats love the overgrown grass to hide in.



The fenced in yard was locked. But cats easily jump over it to get to shelter.


Sandra points out a bug she recognizes.



This cat's ear was already tipped meaning she had already been spayed. But we could see that she was sick and needed help anyway. The vets who were volunteering their time and space took a look at her and gave her some meds.



We had to dig through these bushes to get to the house where there was enough room for a trap.


This is the vet's location where the cats were brought to be spayed or neutered at 8am after a long night of trapping. Then they were held for the rest of the day to make sure they recovered from the anesthesia and if found to be healthy were taken back out that next night back to the exact locations of where they were found and released.